While in a weekend workshop several years ago, I walked up to the facilitator and said, “You must have one hell of a self-care routine, I’m curious about what it looks like.”  He laughed, mentioned how poorly he does when it comes to self-care and then mumbled something to the effect of needing to change that.

I was floored.  This was a 30 hour workshop, over three days with 50+ participants.  For 10 hours a day this guy told animated stories, presented content and carried a room packed with people – a feat that requires deep reserves of energy.  I walked away dumbfounded.  But that conversation has stuck with me.

You might not be delivering content, entertaining participants or standing center stage on a regular basis, but I’m betting your life requires a lot of energy too.

And if you’re anything like most people I know, you’re running on empty (if you’re really honest you hit “E” a while ago and now it’s just fumes.)

Energy is a renewable resource.


But in order for it to renew you actually have to replenish your reserves. This is where self-care comes in.  Unfortunately, the incredibly necessary act of filling up your personal tank is often frowned upon by our do-it-all, climb the ladder, success oriented culture.


Self-care isn’t a nice to have.


If you’ve been sacrificing your own energy to play the game of life, you know that nothing good comes of it.  Not only do you have less energy to pour into the game, you have less to enjoy it.  When you’re drained everything is harder. And if you’ve been running on fumes for a while it’s likely your body, your mind or your emotions are mounting a full-scale rebellion.


Self care isn’t self- indulgent


It’s simple biology. To perform your best, you have to be your best.  Before any big event, athletes have almost a myopic focus on repairing, nourishing and resting their bodies and mind.  It’s crazy to think that working full time while balancing kids, friends, hobbies, volunteer work and your fur baby wouldn’t require the same vigilance.


Self-care isn’t all about you

You’ve heard it before- to take care of someone else, you first have to take care of yourself. Same goes for accomplishing your goals. If you want to reach the finish line and still be able to walk (or laugh) you’ve got to be diligent about filling your own tank on a regular basis.


Self-care isn’t complicated


Going on retreat and living like a monk isn’t the only way to work your way back to wholeness. Actually, more often than not, it’s the simple act of recommitting to the small things (better sleep, healthier food, etc) and weaving them back into your daily life that will truly renew your energy.


If you’ve got big goals this fall, you can’t afford to pursue them on an empty tank.  Which is why now is the perfect time to recommit to renewing yourself.  And because everything is better when we do it together – I’m going to do it with you.


Introducing September Self-Care (#septemberselfcare)….. A 30 day reboot that will inspire and challenge you to renew your energy stores. Throughout the month I’ll share techniques and tips for feeling nourished, rested, relaxed and deeply renewed.


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