“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– Anaïs Nin

Every once in a while you might find yourself standing on a precipice, right at the edge, knowing its time to jump. Undoubtedly, when you find yourself at this point, you’ll face uncertainty, fear and hesitation.  Facing the unknown almost guarantees you’ll feel this way.

You might stand on this edge for a long time eagerly trying to get a clear view of the ground on the other side. Whatever brought you to this precipice might be closing in on you and still you wait, hoping for a guarantee that jumping will get you to a better place.  And so you cling to the edge. Until you finally can’t bare it anymore.

When you do finally jump, you might wonder “WHAT THE HELL TOOK ME SO LONG?”

Over the last month, I’ve found myself hanging right at the edge of such a precipice one with a drop so steep that I can’t even fathom the bottom, let alone see the other side.  At first I sort of ignored it, and kept clinging to the jagged rocks, until I hit a point where I could no longer deny that this clinging was totally draining me. The more I started to listen to what my body and emotions were telling me, the easier it became to get excited about what could happen if I jumped.  But still I stayed frozen to the same spot, waiting for a clearer view into the future.

Our desire to stay safe, to predict and control can be overbearing.  I help my clients overcome this primal desire on a regular basis, so finding myself frozen in the same spot has been humbling and incredibly eye opening.  As a part of this process I’ve been leaning into my meditation practice, my mentors and the wisdom of ancient traditions.

“ As human beings we have the potential to disentangle ourselves from old habits… We have the capacity to wake up, and live consciously, but, you might have noticed, we also have a strong inclination to stay asleep. It’s as if we are always at a crossroad, continuously choosing which way to go.  Moment by moment we can choose to go toward further clarity and happiness or toward confusion and pain.”

-Pema Chodron

Without hesitation, I know it is time for me to jump.  To choose clarity and happiness.  To let go of my attachment to what is and my aversion to change.  I wanted the steps I took to get to my state of readiness, so that you too can make your own leap.


The universe conspires to help you. The question is, are you listening? For the last six months, my signs have been appearing with increasing regularity, until I finally started paying attention and seeking to understand what they all meant.

What signals and cues is the universe sending to you?  Dial into these.  Go as far to make a log.  Start looking for patterns.


We are well trained to jump into analytical mode, over thinking every little choice, decision and potential outcome.  The reality is that little of this thinking is helpful. For me, recommitting to my meditation practice ensures that I show up to each day fresh and with the capacity to receive the signals being sent to me.

As little as 8 minutes of meditation first thing in the morning will set you up to be open, receptive and less likely to stay stuck.  Don’t know where to start?  Grab a meditation here.


For the first time in a long time, I’ve learned to dial back into the intelligence within me.  My “gut” has been actively letting me know which direction to take and for the first time in several years I am listening.

Starting a regular journaling practice has been key in coming home to my true intelligence.  Journaling isn’t just for teenage girls, it’s a powerful tool to help you dig into the subconscious.  I recommend starting with stream of consciousness journaling.  To do this- pick an amount of time, set a timer and just start writing. Do not stop until the timer goes off.  If you have a hard time getting started, start with “I don’t know.  I don’t know. I don’t know.”  It will inevitably turn into something else.


Wanting to know the exact outcome is a common sticking point when you’re being called to jump. This is where trusting your gut comes into play.  You don’t need to know how it’s all going to turn out in five years.  Cultivate trust that knowing what you want right now, and following that is enough of a direction.

Tune into what is exciting about this change.  What thrills you or gives you butterflies in your stomach?  Get really clear on this, put your energy into feeling this state and imaging what it will be like when you actually attain it.


Here’s the best part.  You do not have to do this alone. During this time, I’ve turned to my coaches, mentors and cheerleaders who’ve helped guide me and empower me to let go of the rock I was clinging to and move in a new direction.

Assemble your team, seek out mentors and key individuals from your support network.  Share the jump you’re being called to make.  Ask for help. Hire a coach.  Let them all hold you accountable for finally letting go of the old in favor of the new.