My first week in New York, a good friend gave me the lay of the land.  Where to find public bathrooms (hello Starbucks), where to get the best egg cream (still yet to try it) and how to get a seat on the subway.


In this tour he said something I think of every time I’m on a jam packed train getting shoved around and desperately trying to avoid my nose in a stranger’s armpit. He said that a subway seat might just be the most coveted real estate in New York.  Most of us would agree he’s not far off base.


No one understands the importance of space, particularly personal space, more than New Yorkers.  I know people who take a Via everyday to avoid the train, purge their closets and apartment monthly in an attempt to make more space, or rent hotel rooms just to gain access to rooftops and a view of the sky.


If I was redrawing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, space would take a very prominent spot right along with breathing, food, water, shelter, clothing and sleep. In this crazy, ever changing, hyper plugged in world – space isn’t a luxury – it’s become a physiological necessity.


In an attempt to create this space, most of us focus entirely on our physical space. Pouring all of our energy into ensuring our noses are never thrust into a stranger’s armpit (let’s be honest, no one wants that). As with anything, if all your attention wrapped up in one thing you’re ignoring other opportunities.  And there is another realm of creating space that is woefully ignored.


Internal space.  Mental space. Emotional space.  Spiritual space.


The sort of space that leads one to talk about SPACIOUSNESS.


I’m talking the wide open fields, vast skies and big deep fully body sighs, that are available within you. When you cultivate your energy on opening up the space within, you cultivate freedom, creativity and peace.  Your truth becomes clear and as a result you step into the powerhouse within.


And who doesn’t want to be a freaking powerhouse?


How do you cultivate this life altering, power nurturing space?

  • You pause.
  • You slow down.
  • You intentionally carve out the time to turn in and breathe.
  • You purposefully sense everything going on in the internal landscape.
  • You train in listening to the innate intelligence that resides within you.


There simply is no more important strategy session, planning meeting or networking event than what happens when you regularly connect to yourself.  So if you’re feeling anything but connected to your powerful self – it’s time to start prioritizing internal space.