Dana Campbell, New York Career Coach & Burnout Coach

You’re done sacrificing your heart and soul for meaningless work.

You’ve dedicated yourself to building a successful career. Doing everything right, from working long hours, saying yes to the “right” opportunities, and skillfully navigating office politics…

And you’ve probably been successful.

So why do you feel overwhelmed, burnt out and stuck...when you should be thriving?



Suffering from the effects of chronic stress, but not quite sure how to break free?

Desperate to leave your unfulfilling job, but lacking clarity on what comes next?

Overwhelmed by the persistent demands placed on your time, and feeling disempowered make a change?

Drained of the energy, passion or motivation you need to do your job?

Demoralized from being undervalued or appreciated within your organization?

Trapped in a career you pursued because it was what you were supposed to do, but now feels ill-fitting?

Ready to get off the treadmill you’re on, but paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong move?

Certain you have much more to give, but need a push to get you off your butt?

You're in the right place.

Inner peace, clarity, empowerment, energy and purpose are all waiting for you.

I believe that…

You can wake up excited to go to work.

You can find a career to invest yourself in, and be rewarded by.

You can be successful without burning out.

And I’m here to help you do exactly that.

I’m Dana, career strategy & burnout coach and stress resiliency expert. I’m dedicated to helping successful professionals like you get unstuck and create happier Mondays by lighting the path forward.

I know from experience that career fulfillment doesn’t just happen—it’s the bi-product of consciously aligning what you do with who you are. I’ve been in your shoes—I built a successful career and burnt out not once, but TWICE.

Thanks in part to my yoga and meditation practice, I rose up from the embers of burnout and rebuilt a vibrant life and thriving career. I’m passionate about helping other driven professionals do the same.

My professional experience includes more than a decade following a traditional career path climbing my way up the corporate ladder as a management consultant. Managing large-scale transformations for Fortune 500 companies which brought me face to face with my greatest strength: inspiring others to take bold action.

This experience, coupled with burning out, led to the clarity I needed to isolate the work I’m best at and that energizes me.  It also gave me the motivation to redefine what success means and change my lifestyle to support my own personal definition of success.

I’m ready to help you find clarity amid your own burnout, so you can find the same fulfillment and energy from your career.

Here's how we can work together

Personal Coaching

Coaching is a partnership that will help you get unstuck and move toward career—and life—fulfillment. It’s not therapy; it’s a powerful process that will zero in on what you really want, tap into your unique value and move you into career that lights you up. Learn more…

Group Training

I’ve distilled key insights and proven practices from my 1:1 coaching work, and bundled them into affordable programs designed to give you clarity and direction, and hold you accountable in community with others for making the changes you dream about. Learn more…

In the Workplace

I partner with organizations as a performance coach for leaders, high-potentials and new promotes. I also lead stress resiliency and mindfulness workshops focused on helping organizations and people adapt to the demands of  high-intensity work environments. Learn more…

The Official Bio

Dana Campbell is a career strategy and burnout coach, stress resiliency expert and yoga instructor.

For more than ten years, she drove change in the corporate world as a management consultant responsible for organizational transformation. While guiding large organizations through seismic shifts in process, technology and culture, she witnessed—and experienced—the toll demanding work environments have on individual and team health.

As a yoga and meditation teacher, Dana believes mindfulness principles are a requirement for driving organizational transformation, and is passionate about fostering individual shifts in behavior to support thriving cultures and careers.

Dana is certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and ELI®. Dana specializes in Change Leadership, Burnout Resiliency and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and is known for her simple, digestible and practical approach to change.

A few things you may not know about me...

I lived and worked in Ghana…I’ve also lived in Italy and Switzerland.

I cry at the Olympics—doesn’t matter the sport, I’m moved to tears when I watch athletes give their all.

My dog, Olie, is the love of my life—and my husband is totally okay with that.

I used to think yoga was a waste of time, but did it anyway because it kept me physically healthy while training for marathons.

I am a city girl, but I would rather spend my time hiking in the mountains.

I believe a good sweat, hot bath or glass of wine can cure just about anything.

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