Are you getting by or thriving?

You’ve put your time in in the corporate world and undoubtedly been successful, but you just can’t shake the feeling that you need to change course. Maybe you’re struggling because you…

  • don’t want your bosses job
  • have watched your passion and motivation tank
  • no longer like work that used to be interesting
  • value things that your organization doesn’t
  • don’t have a community or the support you want at work
  • want to change industries or jobs but don’t know where to look
  • feel like your personal life is suffering because of work

OR… you’re just straight-up burnt out after what feels like a lifetime of working your butt off

You aren’t just interested in changing jobs, you are committed to moving toward something that feels more aligned to YOU. Something that challenges you to be at your best, allows you to contribute and THRIVE.

You can be challenged, inspired and yes, even HAPPY at work.

I work with passionate, driven, growth seekers who want to take their careers to new heights. My clients have a deep desire to do something that adds value to their world, spend more time “in the zone” and love what they do. I believe it’s out there!  And I’m here to help you find clarity around your next step. Achieving the change you want takes a great plan, a hell of a lot of courage and a super supportive partner.

That’s where I come in.

Coaching is a totally unique and completly powerful partnership centered all around you and what you want to create. Unlike therapy which focuses on analyzing your past, coaching works on creating your future. Through our relationship you will:


  • find clarity about where you want to go
  • gain deep insights about what is holding you back
  • set a plan for creating the career and life you want from the inside, out
  • achieve more than you thought was possible



Change Your Path, Change Your Life

Perfect if you want to make a change or take a leap, but aren’t quite sure where or how to start.

DC-X Achieve clarity on a concrete vision

DC-X Chart a workable course for achieving it

DC-X Take consistent, meaningful action

DC-X Revolutionize how you navigate the job search process

DC-X Progress beyond your wildest expectations

Revive to Thrive

Ideal if you’ve burnt out or are on the brink of doing so and are ready to stress-less and re-claim your life.

DC-X Align how you live and work to your values

DC-X Overcome stress reaction patterns

DC-X Develop self-care habits that support sustainable success

DC-X Reclaim your energy

DC-X Make changes that support your vitality

All coaching includes a custom blend of both career and burnout coaching to suit your unique needs. Coaching packages include twelve 45 minute bi-weekly sessions and unlimited email support between sessions.

Have questions or ready to get started?  Email me, your career will thank you.

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