Praise From Clients


“Coaching helped me to get out of a really “stuck” place in my job and life. I was feeling no sense of purpose in my work and felt like I really hated my job but didn’t know what to do about it or how to even start thinking about something else I may want to do. Dana was able to help me explore my options, think about the word “job” in a brand new way and navigate my own feelings about work, what was really making me feel “stuck” and how to get un-stuck. I enjoyed every consultation with Dana and felt supported the entire time, in or outside of our consultations. I really appreciated how you could remember every detail of all of our conversations over many months. It made a difference knowing that you were caring about the outcome of our calls and you are an amazing listener. The whole experience was a game changer!”

-Rachel Darby, NYC

“I had a fantastic experience working with Dana. I was at a point in my career where I was not feeling fulfilled by my current job and was looking to do something very different – but had no idea what. I felt very stuck and wasn’t sure where to start. Dana helped me define my personal and professional strengths and the aspects of my life that brought me the most fulfillment. From there, we explored different career paths that aligned with what I had identified as being important to my life and my happiness, and she coached me through the latest best practices for landing a new job. I now feel significantly more confident in myself and my career choices. Thank you Dana!”

– Carolyn Tallents, NYC

“Working with Dana has been absolutely amazing! She asks the right questions to truly get to know her clients. She is an incredible listener, which allows her to work through challenges, and give insightful and life-changing advice. Dana is the right combination of professional and fun, which makes working with her a pleasure.”

-Sarah Friedman, NYC

“Dana has the amazing ability to cut through the noise and hone in the what is really important. She has been instrumental in coaching me through a challenging time in both life and career. I feel very grateful to have found an insightful and supportive coach who also helped me make the leap into my reshaping my future that makes me buzz with excitement. Thank you Dana!”

-Meggan Flaherty, Boston

“Thank you.  You are extraordinary. I’ve gained more clarity from two sessions with you than I have with other therapists/support systems. I love the questions you pose to me and the empathetic/tough love approach you bring to the table.”

-Julia Shapiro, NYC

“I worked with Dana recently on prepping for a major job interview. I was so nervous and unsure of myself and Dana provided first and foremost a sound listening ear and walked me through singling out my greatest fears and addressed them one by one. Her honest yet supportive approach allows you to tackle your inner fears from a place of greater calm and empathy. She managed to deal with both the emotional level and the strategic level of prepping for my interview. After our sessions I felt immeasurably more assured of myself and had great new tools in my arsenal to tackle the the upcoming interview and the the overall challenge of future job prospecting.”

– Bhavna Lal, NYC

“Working with Dana has been wonderful! She has been so encouraging in my process to change my career direction. I was stuck in a rut where my creative juices weren’t flowing and ideas weren’t coming out clearly. Dana helped bring clarity to the process of beginning my new business plan asking poignant questions, suggesting new approaches to thinking about the model, and saying it was ok to confront my fears but then to knock them down! Working with Dana I’ve felt more excited about the possibility of going after my dream and know I can do it.”

— Joellen Nicholson, Germany

“Dana is an intelligent and intuitive coach. She helped me clarify my values, which has allowed me to do a better job of prioritizing them in my life. I felt she was really in my corner and focused solely on what I wanted to accomplish in our sessions. And, she challenged me to look at things from a new perspective, pushing me while remaining compassionate and supportive. I would highly recommend her as a coach!”

— Rebecca Updegraph, NYC

Working with Dana has been a transformational experience. Her ability to listen and and help refelct back what she is hearing has led to a great deal of growth and progress in both my life and business. She is encouraging, warm, and compassionate and I always look forward to our sessions. She is insightful and dedicated to her craft. If you are looking for someone to help you create an authentic and fulfilling life, both personally and in your career, you have found just the person in Dana!!”

— Kiele Hauser, California

“Dana is an amazing coach. Her genuine sensitivity is supportive and motivating. I have always felt that she cared and wanted me to be the best I could be!”

— Teri Lawrence, Connecticut


In 2013 I found myself in both a physical and spiritual crossroads in my life. Struggling with major life choices, some minor (but discouraging) physical injuries and an overall lack of joy; I was lost in my own world and searching for peace. At nearly the same time, I met Dana. Coincidence? I think not. Dana’s guidance comes from a place of both love and knowledge. She is filled with encouragement, acceptance, and compassion for the individual needs of her students. Her enthusiasm for yoga shines through in every class, every sequence, every asana. Dana’s teachings have given me the strength and courage to fight for, let go of, or just accept many things, both on the mat and off. Dana is a gift to my practice, my life and yoga in general.”

— Kristen Angelill, NYC

“I have been practicing yoga for close to 6 years and Dana’s private sessions on a bi weekly basis this past summer have been  terrific.  In each session, I encountered new, unique poses and a mindfulness experience that was not only challenging, but heartwarming. Dana’s drive and enthusiasm to see me improve and excel in my yoga practice makes me feel terrific.   Dana’s knowledge of the hidden treasures of yoga and the vinyasa  practice inspires me to do what I do best. I learned that there is no mistakes in practice, rather a constant new evolution to ones self being. Dana, my hat is off to you and thanks for your enthusiasm and confidence in my practice.”
 -Rich Horowitz, NYC

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and practicing yoga with Dana Campbell for the past three years. She has an innate ability to understand her students’ needs (oftentimes when they don’t themselves) and advises them, perhaps most importantly, on how to apply her teachings and philosophies to life beyond the yoga mat. Dana is an excellent guide for beginning yoga students and knows when and how best to encourage more seasoned students to safely push themselves further. Her teaching style is accessible, welcoming and thoughtful. Dana has guided me through physical limitations, injury recoveries and personal challenges with care, compassion and concern. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Dana Campbell.”

— Cameron Levkoff, NYC

“I have been taking Dana’s level 1/2 hatha class for about 2 years. Dana’s passion and dedication to yoga is has been an inspiration to my own practice and likely many of the familiar faces I see in her class each week. But beyond that, Dana’s attention to detail in her teaching style resonate with me. When she’s building the steps to teach a more advanced pose, beyond the fundamental elements, the additional stretches and strengthening steps she teaches I find very unique to her deep understanding of the of the anatomy of each pose. And her attention to each of her students, giving adjustments and individual modifications to ensure that we are able stay safe in our practice. There have been times when I’ve had those minor aches and pains that might not be an injury but can change the way I am moving my body, Dana has come over & asked me about it before I have even mentioned anything!”

— Sarah Math, NYC

“I’m so glad I came into your Monday yoga class at Yogaworks, you are an inspiring teacher. I really enjoy your yoga variations, challenging but focused. What I enjoy most are your messages; exactly what I need in my everyday life! I look forward to Monday morning and I NEVER say that!”

— Justyna Solarz, NYC