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Does your career roadmap need a refresh? Coaching will help you stop walking a path that you’ve outgrown and move toward a career that lights you up.


Career strategy coaching & stress resiliency and mindfulness workshops for organizations that support high-performance and foster thriving cultures.

“Thank you.  You are extraordinary.”   -Julia Shapiro, NYC

“Dana has been life changing. Yes, those words shouldn’t be used lightly but couldn’t be more true in my experience with her. I was at a point in my career, personally and professionally, where I felt like I had plateaued. I wasn’t feeling inspired or purposeful and needed to figure out why not. In my initial meeting with her I knew she was the person who could help me along this journey. Our sessions were thoughtfully prepared by Dana who is the consummate professional.  She pushed me to come to the answers myself vs. answering them for me.  I was able, through meaningful exercises, to find a renewed sense of purpose and drive. She helped me look at life through a different lens, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I can’t recommend Dana enough. You will thrive in ways you never knew was possible. Thank you Dana for everything. I am so lucky to have met you!”                                                                                                                                – Sarah, NYC

“Dana became my invaluable journey guide as I made the commitment to rebuild a life I was excited to get up for every day. Together, we broke down aspects of work and life into digestible pieces, questioned what was and wasn’t benefiting me, and most importantly – began the arduous process of re-building core concepts I had never had the guts to define myself…She helped me see my own value separate from the brands and job titles I clung to and continues to guide me as I now pursue new types of jobs, activities, and lifestyle shifts I’d never before considered. Dana is intellectually and intuitively wise, ambitious and humble in her desire to help others, and equally fluent in the workings of business and the human psyche. I’d recommend her to anyone who works for a living, especially those considering or going through a transition.“                                                                                                                                                             – Cristina, NYC